had the pleasure of joining commissure on tour in April 2012 on a little tour. shows in Redding, CA and Portland, OR.

Gonzalo drives us through through some pretty precipitation.

stopped for a slumber party in a motel

unwound with amongst awesome blankets, cheap beers, good tunes, and hot showers.

ran into some snow at a rest stop

Gonz trying to play it cool on how stoked he is for the snow.

chill spot for a show in Redding, CA. Right by the skatepark. Sesh to sesh

free show if you happened to pass through

driving up through the rain/forest, oregon begins

duck duck goose duck : BAND PHOTO !

Some duck pond right by the skatepark, whole lot of poo poo all over. dont feed dem dux

hi5 we made it to portland!!!!!!

Lazy sunny days with street stuffed animals

fodalouies, you jus got networked. #fdl

commissure bandcamp

commissure tumblr


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